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HOGSMEAD ---- The python based RPG
MaciahLawson (32)

Hello, this is my BEST game yet!

This has taken my partners and I a few weeks where we only worked on this an hour a day, sometime more for me, ( Virtual school).

Please UPVOTE this because this took a lot of effort.

Sometimes there will be an error because I randomized story mode toward the end. But besides that its all good.


I am pretty sure the randomization made bugs and un-intended loops in the program. Sorry about that.

MaciahLawson (32)

@Bunnytoes Thanks :D. I'm pretty sure its when I randomized attacks.

Bunnytoes (139)

heavy attack doesn't work

FloCal35 (668)

The regular attack (A selection) doesn't work. But great game, Amazing actually