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HACHI programming language announcement
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I have a programming language called HACHI, It's object Oriented and has lots of features, and is extremely fast. It also has lots of features built in, including but not limited to argv, as well as system commands. It has functions with perimeters, and input. It as well also has variables, and concatenation. It is being supported, and I would appreciate if you tried it out. If you like it please give it a star on GitHub,
I attached the website below.
Thanks for fully reading this, and have a good day.


cuber1515 (91)

@Subscribe2 lol uses markdown in comments but not the post. I like it (from what I can see) I can't download it because I've got a lot of stuff on this computer and it's really small so I've been keeping away from downloading things that aren't necessary, But it looks like it'd be great. What's HACHI stand for?

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HACHI is not an acronym, it means 8 in Japanese(not that I'm fluent in). I just made it all caps because A, it stands out it text, and B, it looks cool. Btw thanks for the complement, Hope you can try it out soon.

Have a great day.