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Guess That Number!!!
STCollier (36)

Guess the number in the fewest amount of tries to win!! The computer will decide your intelligence with funny replies.

DynamicSquid (4928)

Cool! Just a tip, you can try adding while loops to make your code shorter :)

STCollier (36)

@DynamicSquid Thanks for the tip!! I usually don't use python much, I'm more of an HTML/CSS/JS guy, but that's a helpful tip!! Thanks :D

ch1ck3n (2077)

i almost gotit.

but guess my iq is 0

STCollier (36)

@ch1ck3n haha, yeah. My hi-score is 5 or so I think. Also, you can cheat by going into the code and typing "print(x)" to find the number if you want to dominate.