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Three Ways
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Hello !
This is my three ways game. You can move the ball with k, l, and m or arrows. Press enter to play and retry. It's better to play in a new tab. I hope you will enjoy it.
I'm still working on it, so it's not finished. I will add a system to change the size of the game on the screen, change the menu screen, and add a config to move with the arrows. You can tell me if you find bugs or things to improve.
If the screen is oversized, you can go to this link :
You enjoyed the game ? Don't forget to upvote !
Now available : gold rush ! Go on the paddle to earn gold !
Have fun !
(Sorry for my bad English, this game comes from France ;)

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Great game, and I know how to fix the oversized screen.
Just add this in your canvas initialization: = "100%"; = / 2;

Everything in your game will be unaffected. Those 2 lines I accidentally discovered downsize or upsize your canvas to the exact size of the screen/box it's in. But THE PIXELS STAY THE SAME! I used this for my game (submitted at, and I don't have to worry about the size of the canvas at all. My code always thinks that it's 4000 by 2000 pixels.

(also please check out my game no one's even commented on it)

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Thanks for your help, I'm going to see your game :)