A green website and my capstone project for school
DigitalRipple (35)

I won't update the blog but it has a feedback tab

BTW run the program and copy and paste the link in a new tab to see it in a full window.

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malvoliothegood (871)

Great effort. Some suggestions to make your site even better:

  • "Save Nature, Save Ourselves." needs to be much bigger to give more impact (same with "Lets begin to change")
  • Limit the width of the page content. Long lines of text are harder to read.
  • Bump up the font size on the body text and set a CSS line height to something like 1.6 (e.g. body {font-size: 19px;line-height: 1.6;}). These two measure will improve readability.
  • Consider NOT using centred text other than for headings and short blocks of text as it can be hard to read.