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Gradient Object Challenge!
JWZ6 (648)


Following my Ultimate Gradients Library, I created a little challenge!

Whoever makes the best gradient shape will get a pog award:

The legendary pog award created by @ch1ck3n

You can take some code from this demonstration gradient shape. Click to start the animation.

Good luck and have fun!



AndrewAung11 (21)

@JWZ6 I can open the image in new tab and save it. So I won.

If the award is that image you shouldn't show it. :)

JWZ6 (648)

@AndrewAung11 u didn't win cuz u no enter

ch1ck3n (2055)

here is a cool pallate if you want it

JWZ6 (648)

@ch1ck3n noice button gradient. if your the only one who enters you get a pog award

ch1ck3n (2055)

@JWZ6 can i ping

as being ch1ck3n i force you to join this contest

JWZ6 (648)

yay more contestants @ch1ck3n yes u can ping, just don't do it too much

Whippingdot (657)

can I copy all the code JW made and paste it into my repl? Will I get first place then? @ch1ck3n