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Google Translator Sings!

Hey Everyone! So, there was this channel on Youtube I like to watch and it was called twisted translations. Basically this girl takes songs, puts in in google translator, translates into alot of languages, then back to english, then she sings them. Now, Im doing that with HTML. This is episode 1. Let me know in the comments which songs I should do next.


Hmmm, how about "Can we just talk" by Khalid
I noticed you invited me lol should i add some of the lyrics?? ^^
(Idk if i'm that good tbh teehee)


Sure, in another repl, maybe. You will do the original lyrics, and I will do the google translate version. I will even put a video to show you how to do it. P.S. I love the song talk.😊


Thaankss!! I'll do my best!
Ikr, the song is so chill ^_^ @Lizzie126