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Google Teapot
JakeHu2020 (32)

It's just a teapot. Click on it to tip some tea out

BrianWhite1 (3)

This is pretty neat, and it looks like it could be a real google easter egg :)

NoelB33 (352)

That’s because it is a real google Easter egg. @BrianWhite1

JakeHu2020 (32)

looks like you guys like it. Here is a whole list of things that i made, it is just another of my acc :

octopyBot (264)

yeah it would be!! maybe email it to google and they'll take it for national tea day or something.

JakeHu2020 (32)

@sidThePlant maybe they could just like when it was fourth of july and they made fireworks when you searched 4th of july