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Ball Blaster!
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Ball Blaster

This is my very first attempt at making a multiplayer game with Three.js and!

How to Play

  • W, A, S, D to move, and click to lock your pointer
  • Click to fire objects!
  • Press the Backtick to get some basic information about your weapon.
  • Scroll (difficult on touchpads) to switch weapons!
  • Press C to zoom in!
  • Press / to chat, you'll need to click on the input box though (and press Enter to send)
  • I've forgotten the setup for Xbox controllers, but I think the joysticks allow you to look around and move, and right/left trigger to switch gun(?) and something to shoot and see weapon info.
  • Right click to reload


  • Multiplayer
  • Chat
  • Leaderboard
  • Multiple weapons
  • Weapon info w/their pros and cons
  • Xbox controller support
  • Delay to next "bullet" + reload + ammo + max "bullet" travel distance

Known Bugs

Relatively speaking, I wrote this game a long time ago and there's quite a few bugs. I'm probably not going to fix these, so please don't point them out in the comments :) Anyways, I'm working on newer projects anyway, but wanted to share this one

  • The color of players don't match
  • Some bullets don't disappear
  • Leaderboard sometimes works
  • If you leave the tab, the game might break (However this bug may not exist anymore)
  • Health can go as low as -5, and then you can respawn
  • You may need to fire an extra time after the death message is shown
  • You can go really far away, and this makes it impossibly hard to actually shoot
  • New bug This is a relatively new bug (didn't show up when I wrote this game) and it makes you slightly "vibrate"? I don't believe there is any code in the game that causes this to happen

These bugs aren't game-breaking, and it's still pretty fun to play with friends :)

Happy Holidays!


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Good, but no one else is playing :(

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