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Gooble: The search engine with opinions
Thehappysquid (52)

This is gooble, a state of the art search engine. He does not like google. Do not ask about google. Especially don't ask 'tell me more about google'. Presented by Sixside co.

JugadSingh1 (2)

cool. add more! I think you could make it something big if you keep going. also, add history:

history = list()
q = input("Search: ")
if q == "history":
   for i in range(len(history))   
      print(i, history[i])
Thehappysquid (52)

@JugadSingh1 I forgot this even existed, good Idea

EnzoMines (11)

you can make it so its not case sensitive if u do if q.lower() == "python": print("bruh")

MatthewEpshtei1 (0)

use the .lower() function to solve that capitals problem