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Godot 3D Ball Roller: New and Improved!
AtriDey (187)

Yesterday, I showed you guys my original post on the Godot engine which can be seen here.

Today I've been busy. After giving up on Tinkercad's horrible exports and planning to actually learn how to use Blender, I decided to have a go at improving my original program.

I've done that. Not only have I improved the physics of the ball by taking advantage of GDScript's lerp, or linear interpolation function, but I've also given you guys something to do, by adding 10 boxes to push into the void. I've also refined the player's hitboxes to make bodies move in a more realistic way.

CodingPseudonym (40)

Yes a lot better. I like the loading screen too.

AtriDey (187)

@CodingPseudonym Actually the loading screen was built-in by Godot. I don't know why it suddenly appeared in this one and not the other, but I'm glad it did.