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Gamecollab 🎮 (Basically UNITY inside of a Terminal)
candies (154)

Gamecollab is an artificial game/website/program developed for making projects through a terminal.

Why is Gamecollab a Thing?

We created, by We I mean I, created a system that can compute python from a .txt file into the terminal.

Like unity, Make something, press Run. then Boom, Success.
But this is something with a twist, you can quite log back into your account. So save your code!

Is there anything cool about this?

Yes, Actually.. We support pygame. Which allows you to turn a code into an actual game. Like crossy-road or a Maze Game.

What else is there?

Social Media! My youtube channel:

Project Running Information!

When running a project in shell. You must type python projects/filename.txt but replace filename with the filename of the file. then it'll receive the output.

MikeJMS8910 (159)

Also when you put that you support coding in pygame to make a game why not just make a game in pygame(if you know what I mean). I think this is more of an IDE then game engine.

MikeJMS8910 (159)

Does this also have endless amounts of unioing bugs that have everyone who uses it fall into depression?