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GUI Celsius to Fahrenheit converter!
LegendaryWolf (631)

Celsius to Fahrenheit converter!

Just enter ur Celsius to be converted to Fahrenheit!

And thx to @Coder100 for helping me with an error. This idea is recommended by my friend, @CodingDoggo

So are you thinking about how does the code works?

Basically, it takes the input (the celsius)

This is the formula for converting Celsius into Fahrenheit -

  • Divide the integer by 5
  • then multiply it by 9
  • next we are gonna add 32 for the final result

I've put all of these in my code to make it work

example if the Celsius is 25 degrees

  • Divide by 5
    • Answer is 5
  • multiply the quotient (5) by 9
    • Answer is 45
  • Finally, add 32 to our product (45)
    • Our final Answer is 77!

Upvote if you like :)

ch1ck3n (1601)

If 32 degrees Fahrenheit is 0 degrees celsius, 0+0 celsius is 64 farenheit

Whippingdot (553)

Lul u get an upvote for that @ch1ck3n

LegendaryWolf (631)

Lmfao 😂 XD u get an upvote!

LegendaryWolf (631)

-40 C in F?
-40 / 5 = -8
-8 * 9 = -72
-72 + 32 = -40 (just do the opposite - subtraction for negative numbers so 72 - 32 is 40 as -72 is negative so -40)
-40 C in F = -40 :)

LegendaryWolf (631)

its called Fahrenheit no Farenheit

TheC0derGirl (215)

Nice! I love it, saves me having to search things up :)

DecentCoder1 (3)

You should probably add something that will keep the number from getting too big, otherwise good job.

LegendaryWolf (631)

I will try :) but upvote if u like

Whippingdot (553)

Oh and @LegendaryAlpha don't be like that neonking guy just posting a million posts every day. Maybe post once in a week, you don't need to spam post to get cycles and 'beat' Coder100

LegendaryWolf (631)

U mean CaptinNeo guy? I've heard of him... he was at the top of the leaderboard.

Whippingdot (553)

Ya, he used to spam posts. He got banned because of me (I forgot why but he was doing something)! I ban a lot of people sorry, but if they do something wrong they get banned. What you are doing isn't wrong, but I am just requesting you to stop because I don't want you to get more cycles than me @LegendaryAlpha

BananaJellyfish (198)

@Whippingdot Lol like anyone will beat coder100. Although i agree that @LegendaryAlpha you should focus on one, really amazing project

LegendaryWolf (631)

And im working on it... it may take meh a week and its a game in JS