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[GAME] [js] Space Invaders!!
aguy11 (127)

Space Invaders!

Hello everyone! Over the past 4 days I have been making a totally awesome game called Space Invaders.

You might have heard about a game like this, but uh, this is different.

Oh yeah, and it was made with an unheard-of JS based game engine called CT.JS ( . It's a cat-based game engine.

This was first made using a tutorial, but I added more stuff onto it.

Gameplay and bonuses

So, the gameplay is about the same with all Space Invaders games, you shoot things coming at you from the sky.

You move using the arrow keys and shoot using space bar (Yum, no pun intended).

But there are a few things that you might need to hit in order to have a better life...


See those heart-shaped red things falling out of the sky, though it's not Valentine's Day yet? Those give you lives.


See that crooked black branch about to whack into you pilot's seat? That's a gun and it activate ULTIMATE FIRE MODE, where a stream of bullets constantly comes out of you ship for about 6 seconds.


See that blue thing with a sharpened bottom edge? Is it a spike? Is it another enemy ship? No, but the terrible pixel art makes it look so. It is a shield, and if you touch it you can kill enemies, meteors and lasers just by flying into them (for about 6 seconds). So basically, you cannot die for 6 seconds.


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  1. aguy11 - 3150


Yeah, I got a really low score.
DynamicSquid (4626)

This is awesome, well done!

aguy11 (127)

@DynamicSquid Thank you very much!! Is there anything I should add??