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Fun Game (Don't Click The Emoji 🙂)
JWZ6 (189)

This is a very fun game. It's also pretty silly! :)

How 2 play: Just click play, then click the emoji lol XD

Have fun!

Th3Coder (75)

Haha! Great code and awesome idea! :)

ryanbrwr (33)

@JWZ6 A couple years ago I made a similar program when I was starting to learn javascript in high school. Good luck on your journey!

BobTheTomatoPie (3358)

you should use javascript to change the text and emoji so that you can add more for less work

JWZ6 (189)

@BobTheTomatoPie idk javascript just a teeny tiny bit lol

ryanbrwr (33)

Did you make this for a class? Or just for fun?

Luchadordragon (16)

I mean it works... its just like 6 clicks or so

JWZ6 (189)

@Luchadordragon haha lol but it funny right?

Luchadordragon (16)

@JWZ6 not really, (might just be me) but good job none the less