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Fun Bookmarklets

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Bookmarklets, the lighter Browser Extensions

All code is open source.

View on Github

All official support for this can be found here (You do need a Github account, sorry about that)

What are bookmarklets?

  • Bookmarklets act like bookmarks, however, when you click them, they run Javascript Code instead of opening a website.
  • They're like the lighter version of browser extensions
  • There are existing versions of these, for example, you could go to the dictionary websites, but the point of Bookmarklets are to speed things up for more productivity. You could open a new tab and go to, or you could click a button on the page you're on right now to look anything up.
  • For these bookmarklets, all results are opened in a new tab to preserve the current page.

How to install them -

For iPads and iPhones, go to

Settings > Safari > Advanced and make sure Javascript is on.

The buttons are links to Github repos. Each repo has exactly 1 line of code. Copy that one line.

For iPads -

  • Bookmark any page

  • Edit that bookmark by going to the sidebar (Click the book icon next to the search bar)

  • If the bookmark is in a folder, go to it first, and make sure you see the bookmark.

  • Click edit in the bottom right corner of the sidebar, then click the bookmark you just made.

  • Change the info so that title is Bookmarklet's title, and the location/URL is the code you just copied.

  • Save

  • Now, you can run the code from the sidebar, or --

  • Go to Settings > Safari > Show favorites bar

  • This will show our bookmarks/bookmarklets under the search bar for easy access

For laptops -

  • Add a bookmark like you nomally would, from the bookmarks bar (recommended, but wont work for chrome), or the menu bar.
  • When asked for the url/location, enter the code.

Have fun with these bookmarklets

These boost productivity and help you relax?


Github Repo Here

Search up text quickly and efficiently with just a click.

Features include -

  • Enter your word
  • Choose any of 3 supported dictionaries to look up from.


Github Repo Here

Search up synonyms and antonyms quickly and efficiently with just a click.

Features include -

  • Enter your word
  • Choose any of 2 supported thesauruses to look up from.


Github Repo Here

Practice 10 multiplication math facts

Features include -

  • Tells you ho many you got wrong
  • All questions are completely randomized

(Btw this was my first Javascript code, so its really basic)

Mail a Page

Github Repo Here

Email someone (including yourself) a webpage to look at later.

Features include -

  • All email fields are automatically filled, all you have to do is click send.
  • The subject is filled in as the Website's Title that Mail a Page was given when accessing metadata, the body is the URL, and you get to pick who its sent to.
  • (On ipads, click Allow Auto-Composing when asked to allow the script to run)

Dark Reader (For Articles ONLY)

Github Repo Here

Make reading at night easier on the eyes,

Features include -

  • This bookmarklet works best with books or articles. If a page has not followed traditional CSS styling, then this won't work.
  • Makes the background of the page black, and the text white.
  • Pretty simple, but its good for reading things at night.
  • If your on an ipad, then u have Reader Mode, a better option. Howeverr, that's only if you have an iPad or iPhone, and it doesnt work on all pages.
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