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Froggy chat
PYTHORE3605 (138)

Best chat

Here is the link to it:
Froggy chat
Okay so I stumbled across this chat and it is amazing, I have been using it daily. It is so clean looking and easy to use and I felt like it didn't get the popularity it deserves.

It was made by @UnluckyFroggy and his team.

Yes I did ask them to share this
UnluckyFroggy (824)

Settle down @Whippingdot I gave him complete permission to make a post about this.

Whippingdot (652)

ok. Also I was helping you so... @UnluckyFroggy

Whippingdot (652)

bruh why are you advertising OTHER people's aren't supposed to do that... though i guess there is no harm. But that does make you look suspicious of being an alt of his lul

Bunnytoes (116)

it really is amazing! I also use it all the time @UnluckyFroggy

Samuelak (2)

Bro this chat is great. looks rely clean @UnluckyFroggy