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Fractal Trees
Coder100 (19275)


Have you ever looked at a tree?
If so you know what a tree looks like. Yay!



I wanted to try my hand at recursion. And then I made this! I hope you like it :)

Edit: Before turning up the branches, turn down the recursion limit so then it renders in an ok time

LegendaryWolf (572)

Every post of @Coder100 is ought to get trending within an hour and at least should get 60+ upvotes while trending


X24 (30)

@LegendaryAlpha Because they are very popular within the community

FloCal35 (688)
Edit @LegendaryAlpha

Every post of @Coder100 must be on trending within 4 hours of posting and get at least 75 upvotes while on trending

RohilPatel (1597)

So am I and I only get 2 lmao @X24

X24 (30)

@RohilPatel So it's not that...

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It spells WATSOP as well, that's nice

zplusfour (912)

@LegendaryAlpha because he has alts
for example: @JunhaoZhang @JunhaoZhang1 @junhaozhang2

edit: im sorry there are too junhao zhangs in the world lmao this is just a joke

LuckyOreos (203)

@LegendaryAlpha Some of his posts aren’t even the best!!!

Coder100 (19275)

are you sure those are my alts
i don't see them upvoting my posts

but then, i don't check who upvotes any of my posts lol @zplusfour

LuckyOreos (203)

@zplusfour Two of them might be alts!!!

Coder100 (19275)

well some of u aren't even the best!!! @LuckyOreos

LegendaryWolf (572)

Jesus christ...
I'm getting a notification every 10 seconds...
lemme codeee!

zplusfour (912)

@Coder100 i said that it is a joke

SwaroopBappanad (240)

@Coder100 hmm, why would you need to check if they were ur alts? GUILTY AS CHARGED

LegendaryWolf (572)

This comment is the top of the food chain

ThisUserTaken (247)

@LuckyOreos @Coder100 is not using alts. He already has 15603 cycles. Who cares. Edit: He also makes some pretty coolio programs once in a while so its justified

Coder100 (19275)

what alts
i can confirm i do not use alts
does luckyoreos use alts? @ThisUserTaken

ThisUserTaken (247)

@Coder100 maybe someone's just framing alts @JunhaoZhang
@JunhaoZhang1 @junhaozhang2 or it could be coincidence which I doubt

Whippingdot (717)

Noice Tree u got there buddy




LegendaryWolf (572)

Secret revealed! @Coder100 is 13yrs and an 8th grader!

LegendaryWolf (572)

Actually, he shud be banned the prev year coz he was 12.

sojs (590)




A Polygon

Flex those biceps :)

My Gosh He's buff

Heh - NERD!!

Super cool @Coder100!

upvote upvote upvote

Coder100 (19275)

that's an impressive collection there, nice! @sojs

LegendaryWolf (572)


wut did I just made!?!
Coder100 (19275)

I'm going to call that pixel art @LegendaryAlpha

LegendaryWolf (572)

so did u read the txt below *NOICE?

LegendaryWolf (572)

if u reply to someone who has replied on my comment. I'll get a ping too

maxina (68)

only one issue: when ever i add more branches it just goes unresponsive

Coder100 (19275)

yeah, turn down the recursion @maxina

DonoldJTrump (11)

square tree:

90 degrees for branch angle

recursion depth 20

strange tree:

branch angle 45

recursion depth 20

RELLY strange tree

DominicDeng (1)

i really like this idea, its an awesome project

X24 (30)

I found a very neat little pattern while trying to avoid the website being unresponsive:

Coder100 (19275)

yeah, alternate title: Don't crash ur Computer @X24

Coder100 (19275)

let me guess: angle 90+360k where k is a natural number? @X24

LegendaryWolf (572)

looks like a carpet still need to weave

X24 (30)

@Coder100 Pretty sure i did


for config

X24 (30)

@Coder100 Also I think maths is the cause to my headaches seeing as I am dumb and smart, so please tell me what's going on there.

LTI2 (116)

what have i made


This tree making algorithm is a demonstration of the TREE function, described in Kruskal's tree theorem. The TREE function is an incredibly fast growing set, and TREE(3) eclipses Grahm's number multiple times over. Just something for all the math nerds.

Coder100 (19275)

where b is branches
and n is recursion depth i think @LAMAQDAHODWALA


Imagine what TREE(4) would be @Coder100

codingjlu (492)

Very strange tree:

Coder100 (19275)

no it's a perfectly trimmed hedge @codingjlu

codingjlu (492)

@Coder100 lol yes but very nice project

NotMrMan (119)

@Coder100 i guess i spoke tree language for "tree with no leaves"

BillNyeScience (115)

me: presses two for branches
computer: ight imma head out
computer has left the lobby

Bookie0 (6559)

I have achieved perfection!

also random 0 here :thonk:

Coder100 (19275)

ok i'll remove the 0
thanks for finding it
maybe i put it there on purpose @Bookie0

AntimatterDev (39)

damm he did it better than i could. i legit did this same thing like two days ago because i was bored. (i didnt share it) he somehow made it so much faster and it look a whole lot smoother. Just another time i get showed up by the god of (Note: im not mad im just proud to have been showed up by someone this legendary)


180.5555 degrees


Hey , I dont know if i am lazy or not but whenever i learn something , i try to implement but everytime i fail. And then i need to search for that creepy error which boring. I dont know if i am good at coding or bad or maybe lazy.


Why your code is everytime this much complicated to understand :( . Anyways i need to improve on coding and yaa nice one but You have not preented some things to happen like stopping of webpage which can be done by reducing some values in recurssion or something i guess as you said. And plz work on UI. Yaa Good Work!!

Coder100 (19275)

cool thanks
the ui is supposed to look bad do you hate it? @TANMAYBAGADIA


@Coder100 No its not that i hate it but if someone comes who doesn't know you and check this , then the first impression would be that the normal things such as designing is lacking untill they fully check ur project. #NOOFFENSE . I actually doesnt care about beautification when functionality is there but when it comes to project beautification kills me and my brain.

Vnen (0)


JamesGordon1 (157)

still sad over, that was going so well but it died

CyberHacker101 (137)

lol it crashed my computer when i put: 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 in there