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JacobMcPherson1 (191)


Changes/added stuff:

  • Added 2 new levels
  • The game has an ending now
  • idk

Wasd to move
§ = enemy
= button
= you have to get this to complete the level
, , and | = walls
= barrier

barriers dont kill you, but walls do
enemies kill you (obviously)
when you press the button something will happen
if you get the block thingy you win the level


p.s. Feedback and critiscm are appreciated


FallenAngel6 (15)

can you please make it so that you don't die if you hit the wall?

JacobMcPherson1 (191)

@mcgarvawalter13 use wasd to move the character
Ø is the character btw

SudhanshuMishra (202)

i can do this

I've reached so far !!

This is it

Aw dammit lets just simply upvote this post its cool

MatthewWesolows (9)

Love it :D (wow you made it to hot, great job!)

OldWizard209 (1090)

Bruhhh, it is so annoying when you are trying to speedrun this game by holding the "s" key and this pop up appears:

Whippingdot (551)

nice - when I get the super secret box it kills me and ends the game


@Whippingdot that also happened for me

NotMrMan (98)

Cool game!
Maybe call the Main(); method as a function on death?
If you want to use it, just use Main(args);

Then, it'll restart the code inside of the public static void Main (string[] args) section

Or if you don't need it, you can remove Main(string[] args); and replace it with Main(); and call it without args in the parentheses.

If you get an error after removing it, just add string[] args back in.
edit: if you need to clear the console, use Console.Clear(); before restarting the code in the Main(); bracket.

bossawesome (6)

when you die at level 2 the program breaks

JacobMcPherson1 (191)

@bossawesome I don't know what's making that happen but at least it tells you that you died
also it restarts the whole game if you die so be careful