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Flak! (a game)
JHunt1 (1)

Flak is a game about a "flak" cannon defending a city from bombers.

how to play:

you are the black square, use A and D to turn
W resets position to straight up
the enemy bombers are the red squares
Spacebar fires the cannon, but a few things to keep in mind:
-it takes time between firing and hitting the target, so lead your shots in front of the enemy
-there is gravity, so if the angle is too low the bullet might not reach the target

You have only 3 bullets, but you get them back after killing an enemy, and there are 15 enemies you have to defeat before you win. they get progressively faster. The red bar is how many enemies are left and the black bar is how many bullets you have left

NOTE: expand the turtle screen more and scroll up until the bars at the bottom are just barely visible. if you dont, enemies will spawn above your window and are impossible to see