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First GUI!
adsarebbbad (215)

after a lot of tutorials and a lot of google searches, i made my first gui!

headiscoding (943)

WOW. Nice job. REALLY good that you made this in Java. Welcome to the Java Squad :DDDDDDD


Nice job dude! keep on going.....////

Ramiels (2)

It seems that when you move the box, it leaves outlines everywhere.

HarperframeInc (446)

@Ramiels That's just It's not his fault.


yo y u invite me to oofcraft that's private repl man plz don't mess my repl up, if you wanna make ur own feel free to do

adsarebbbad (215)

uhh i didn't do anything to your repl @ilovebeef


sorry i kinda overreacted @adsarebbbad


but y u invite me?


Thats amazing dude. Congrats.