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🎇🎇 Fireworks! 🎇🎇
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🎇 Happy New Year! 🎇

To celebrate the new year, I made this simulation of fireworks.

For the best experience, view it here:

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I would have posted a bit later, but I am about to leave for a short holiday where there will be no internet.

This is my second firework simulation. If you want, you can check out my first attempt at

With the exception of the PIXI.js library and some color conversion functions, all of the code is my own. All of the assets are also my own, except for the explosion noise, which I found here. Thank you Rudmer_Rotteveel for putting this sound online.

Technical details

The rendering is done by PIXI.js, through the game engine in my wrk.js library. Some of the movement is also handled by wrk.js.

I created the particle system from scratch. The particles have the attributes:

  • position
  • velocity
  • radius
  • drag coefficient
  • color
  • edge mode
  • live time
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Wow! Really satisfiying! Happy New Year to you too!

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really cool! like it :D