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Firefox Web Browser
PattanAhmed (1397)

Firefox Web Browser

Hey everyone.

This is just Firefox browser that I accessed using Selenium drivers.
The code is simple.
This just acts like a Firefox opened by a bot!

Any suggestions and feedback would be appreciated in the comments section

And if you want to access it on a full screen. You can click here

That's it for today-

RedMonster12 (2)

i tried to open a link and it said not really found

YodaCode (87)

Lol. This doesn't need all the stuff this has, just open it and let the user go from there. This has been done before, but I'll follow your footsteps and repost this in my own way for the 900th time.


i am not going to repeat the same thing, it is looking good but if u can improve it :)
error: when i enter the site name it crashes

PattanAhmed (1397)

@ROCKINGRAYQUAZA Yeah That's sad :(
Trying to fix it-

TerrorbuildLuna (38)

Nice! It worked for a second, then it crashed

PattanAhmed (1397)

@Bookie0 Oh, I was just fixing things
Now check!

Bookie0 (6031)

@PattanAhmed yep, works! Pretty nice, why firefox though?

PattanAhmed (1397)

@Bookie0 uhmm, I am trying to fix but do you know how to fix it?

Bookie0 (6031)

@PattanAhmed hum idk what's the error.

According to this,

The TimeoutException will be thrown when the page is not loaded within specific time.