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Fast & Lightweight Notebook
Vandesm14 (2752)

This is a fast and lightweight notebook for your note-taking needs. Your notes are saved automatically to your device each time you make a change. You will never have to experience a connection error or database failure again!
If you need a cloud-based notebook, wait until I release the cloud-based site in December

The interface is the simplest:
To make a new document, click "New".
To open a document, click "Open".
To delete a document, click "Open", then click the delete button on the desired file.
To rename a document, Open the desired document and enter the new title into the title via the title box (that's it).

techgeek680 (73)

AMAZING!!! I must ask, can you add accounts?

Vandesm14 (2752)

@techgeek680 Adding accounts would require server storage, which is basically what Google Docs does already. The main concept of my notebook app is to be fast and easy, which is why it's stored locally to your computer and not in the cloud.

tenyiyi123 (2)

I reload the project and it still works.Features like fronts could be added still.Great project though,I like how it saves the files even when I rerun the code.

Vandesm14 (2752)

@tenyiyi123 Superfast! Accidentally refresh? Bam! Still saved!
(Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoy it!)

DJWang (1358)

I reloaded the page and everything! Still saved! Microsoft word and google docs are DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vandesm14 (2752)

@DJWang It's nice having a lightweight, fast, and instant-saving notebook app, isn't it? 😉

techgeek680 (73)

AGREED! @Vandesm14
Edit: I made one too, but I didn't even know about this one when I did.

AshwinBose (169)

Cool! I like the file system

AdCharity (1325)

I like how you added a file system :) Although... it does bear a very close resemblence to my text editor... Just a styling tip - would probably include a overflow hidden on the body since the text area already scrolls.

Vandesm14 (2752)

@AdCharity Thanks! The styles are a bit weird. I'm working on fixing that. If you would like to fork it and style it yourself, structure and layout-wise, be my guest. Then share the link on this thread and I'll take a look!

AdCharity (1325)

@Vandesm14 actually I'm going to implement the file structure thing you made :) I already made a text editor, so making it myself will probably be better in the long run.

Vandesm14 (2752)

@AdCharity Awesome! Do you mind sharing the link to your editor?

Vandesm14 (2752)

@AdCharity Nice. I like the RTF features (Rich Text Formatting).

AdCharity (1325)

@Vandesm14 Yeah - a lot of the features are kind of built into major browsers. And the css could use some work. But otherwise, I'll share the other one with a similar local storage file system :) I haven't looked at your code for reference, so it might be a pain to look at... I had like three arrays for no reason now that I look at it