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Fake JavaScript in C++!
RohilPatel (1535)

So i made a really bad library to show everyone what you can do in C++. It basically can "log" to the console, and it can use a "Math" class to take a random number, as shown below in my code. It has values like "e" and "pi" which can be accessed through the class as well. Let me know if u have any questions or any suggestions.

I was also trying to make a date class for it but i couldnt think of a great way to do this.


Coder100 (17084)

why are you classes not static

LOGO923 (6)

uh... dosnet work
but nice try

RohilPatel (1535)

What are you seeing that it doesn't work? Please send a screen shot. It works perfectly fine for me @LOGO923

SharpCodeDev (80)

Yeah same it works perfectly fine for me too, @RohilPatel.