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Eureka! A Math Game
HappyLunchBox (52)

Have you ever wanted to learn math in a fun way?
Do you want to play RPG and still learn math?
Try Eureka! A math game.

In this game, you can fight monsters, earn coins, learn math, fight raids, do lava mode, and more!

Play now by running the program!

MEMES1234 (0)

What is the hack?

HappyLunchBox (52)

@MEMES1234 can you upvote first? I'll tell you tomorrow

HappyLunchBox (52)

@MEMES1234 sorry i was inactive anyway i am pulling the hack up wait a min

HappyLunchBox (52)

@HappyLunchBox So here is the code:
elif option == "hack":
hack2 = input()
if hack2 == "Eureka!":

    money = int(input())
    pycoins += money
    lasthack = input()
    if lasthack == "secrets":
      user.newArmor("XPERTHACKARMOR", 500)
      user.newWeapon("XPERTHACKWEAPON", 200)
      armor.append("[5] XXPERTHACKARMOR")
      armor.append("[6] XXPERHACKWEAPON")

basically first type hack then enter, then type Eureka! (with the exclamation mark) then enter how much money you want and press enter, then type secrets and press enter to get an O.P weapon. after that dont buy anymore weapons because the hack weapon is teh best

MEMES1234 (0)

do i have to beat batterbot first @HappyLunchBox

MEMES1234 (0)

i cant do the secrets thing @HappyLunchBox

HappyLunchBox (52)

@MEMES1234 ok cool you have to beat batterbot