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Student Simulator(based on Game Dev || Simulator)

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This is a student simulator maked by me and based in game dev || simulator by

, this is the project of that code master, i invite us to check it :

with no more to say i say you how to play

Not Completed

im working hard on this but i can't complete it, because i need to check with another persons all works correctly, when yu got the 30 notes, the game FOR NOW end, but in the future im gonna add the secundary


i wanna make a database on python to you can comunicate with another students and interact with they,sounds cool i know but in this moment i dont know how to make that, but im learning, dont worry
now the tutorial..

First choose a name ang a gender(in future updates will be very important)

Then start

first you need to sit down and hear the class(not literally) then you have homework(you can only accumulate 5 homeworks) you press 6 to make all you homeworks,then,you can say hello to someone to make your reputation better,when you go to primary, you can ask for money and you can buy things on the shop(in future updates will be very important)


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invite me to the repl if you need help