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yhlmvlh (3)


Hello! I hope you try this new project that I made. It's pretty short and small now... But there are going to be at least 5 CHAPTERS of Dustelta! I hope for the best from this (I will call it a game)


The game is based on mainly UNDERTALE but it combines the story of UNDERTALE, deltarune (a bit) and the story I wrote!


I am making the game meanwhile writing the story and learning Python. I am in a really big need of help because the choice based input commands with if, or, and, input are a big problem and I am trying to find tutorials and instructions about about it, trying changing things or looking at other games' commands... It still won't work... It will be nice if you helped me, if you see this and you know how to make those, please leave a comment. (:

JeremyHeere (0)

I know this is really old now, but I just wanna say this series is really cool :]