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Drawing with movement
IcynDevz (725)

Drawing with movement

yEs! finally got a HTML/CSS/Javascript project post

You need to use WASD to move.

If you didn't know, here are the key functions

w move up

a move left

s move down

d move right


The default color is black

Hold r for red

Hold b for blue

Hold p for pink

Hold u for purple

Hold t for white

Press c to clear the screen


Thanks to @BobTheTomatoPie for the 2d canvas movement

@IcingHackz (me) for editing the code to make it draw and move


More projects are coming in soon :D


-3/10/2021 @IcingHackz <-- yo, self ping right there. xd

repl got a new feature! reactions in spotlight pages! and @ amasad[lol I did not ping you] said that for all people(including people not having explorer mode on) is officially changing to!


1. Send some screenshots of your pictures! I'll love to see them.

2. I will not update this project. Probably because it's trash.

3. Every time you move with WASD it will automatically draw where you move.

4. DON'T use the mouse to draw. It work work. :P

5. Fullscreen recommended. (meaning that you should open in a new tab)

BobTheTomatoPie (3353)

lol thx for tagging me. I'm glad I could help you with this! Just so I know, did you get the help from me youtube channel?