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SamiOsman (44)


This is a drawing game made in python turtle! Please give feedback in the comments on how this can be improved. Whoever completes one of the challenges first will get a shoutout: a car, a bridge, or a turtle.


  • The touchpad: moves * The turtle.
  • The key r: drawing color red.
  • The key o: drawing color orange.
  • The key y: drawing color yellow.
  • The key m: drawing color green.
  • The key b: drawing color blue.
  • The key i: drawing color indigo.
  • The key v: drawing color violet/purple.
  • The key n: drawing color black.
  • The key c: clears all drawings.
  • The key a: sets pensize to 1.
  • The key s: sets pensize to 2.
  • The key d: sets pensize to 3.
  • The key f: sets pensize to 4.
  • The key g: sets pensize to 5.
  • The key h: sets pensize to 6.
  • The key j: sets pensize to 7.
  • The key k: sets pensize to 8.
  • The key l: sets pensize to 9.
  • The key z: sets pensize to 10.
  • The arrow keys: moves turtle.
  • The key p: makes a circle.
  • The key t: hides the turtle.
  • The key e: shows the turtle.
  • The key q: makes a square.
  • The key w: prints coordinates.
  • The key x: infinite rainbow colors.
  • The key u: makes the turtle a blob.

InvisibleOne (2996)

Well it was supposed to be a Mandalorian helmet.... but let's just say I'm not an artist.

SamiOsman (44)

@InvisibleOne Wow. Urs is amazing! Wayyy better than my drawings 🤣

SamiOsman (44)

@InvisibleOne try the arrow keys xd it can really make the lines straight.