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🦎 Dino Game 🌵!!!
KobeFF (1272)

After 6 hours of hard work, I present you...

🦎 Dino Game 🌵!!!

Using Ready, I created a nearly identical Chrome Dino Game!!! (with like 10x better graphics). Enjoy!

Use the Arrow keys jump and duck -- you can also use the buttons in-game.

*Full Screen mode is recommended

  • Leaderboard added! :)
  • Player Collider fixed!

Also @CodingCactus wants me to advertise this so... Check it out (I guess? lol)

MarblesAndMore (61)

It's hard to play on a computer but I am sure it great for a mobile device, also I don't have to turn off my internet to play a dino game now!

KobeFF (1272)

@MarblesAndMore Why is it hard to play on a computer? You can use the arrow keys...

MarblesAndMore (61)

@KobeFF Sorry I am used to playing with wsad I didn't think of that, it is a great game

FishingFights (202)

@MarblesAndMore you can play the dino game from chrome regardless of connection by typing "chrome://dino" into your link bar :)

theroadtocode (19)

@FishingFights Yay! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!

ComputingSquid (47)

How are u almost at the top of trending...

AtriDey (189)

@ComputingSquid He spent 6 hours on this, I got above him with 2 hours of work, while a project that took 12 hours of work turned out to be garbage. It's all just luck.

KobeFF (1272)

@AtriDey Yes, or the project idea. For example, I spent only like 1 hour or less on my Mental Age Test, but it was on 'trending now' on the home page for over a week, and got almost 100 upvotes.

KobeFF (1272)

This project is on trending now, too.

Megaladon (25)

This is so cool! I would just recommend one thing, when i died I did not know how to get back and play again without restarting is there a way you can fix this??

KobeFF (1272)

@Megaladon Yeah, when you die there is a restart button...

See the restart button?

Megaladon (25)

Oh I see when i die i have to pause it to get that screan up

DynamicSquid (5029)

I thought it said the "Dingo Game" at first...

But nice project!

nN34398Ff (109)

@DynamicSquid Hey I checked ur prfile. it says, if something moves fast in water, changes color, and has ten legs then its probably an octopus. I can move pretty fast through water, I turn blue when unable to breathe XD and I'm not very sure of the last part XDXD also... arent u a squid??!


@nN34398Ff he/she never said they weren't

nN34398Ff (109)

@ImmaEatYouMan Um... I don't know what you mean...

dilshaan (15)

I like the game. Good job!

Armo (0)

lol nice game bud, but I already broke it. I can score infinite because on infinite double jumps so he kinda flies. This is litterally Flappy Dino (Also there is no height limits so I can press je jump button 100x and hell flies off the screen and take time to fall)

zplusfour (914)

This game is COOL!
add it to our team! (repl)

EmojiGame (4)

Um tbh i like the original graphics better. Also, 1 cactus is nearly impossible to jump over if you press space. And, how come the score goes up so slowly??? And does it ever change the time of day? Sorry but not going to vote man...

EmojiGame (4)

Sorry kobe... :(

KobeFF (1272)

@JiyoonChang Tbh i don't care if you don't upvote, I posted this because I thought it would be cool if other people saw this, not to get more cycles.

EmojiGame (4)

@KobeFF kk :)

AustinZhang1 (65)

wow this is so addicting

KobeFF (1272)

@AustinZhang1 Thanks! It gets faster and faster lol

GarryHo (6)

I like how you just stole it from amazon. Nice.

StringentDev (234)

I got a score o 113 because if you keep pressing space, you keep going up and up. Please fix the bug

Name12 (161)

the google dyno game. but better

GeorgeLu (3)


RookandKnightGa (0)

2 things: 1. is there/do you want to add sound
2. Is there a leaderboard?

legendtaimoor (0)

very nice keep it up

DigitCommander (39)

When you want to play the dino game but you don't want to deactivate your internet...

Epic game btw

Wilke000 (636)

84 :) where is leaderboard?

Leroy01010 (408)

do we seriously need to put our email