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Dice Rolling Game
shayray800 (1)

This is a more complicated version of a dice rolling game. You and the C.P.U. start off with $100. First, you choose the amount you want to bet. The C.P.U. has a 1 in 3 chance of raising your bet. You can fold, which means you leave with the money you have or you can continue. Then, you choose the number you think you are going to roll. The dice is 6 sided so it can only choose a number up to 6(obviously). If you are correct, you gain the amount of money you bet. If you are not correct, you lose the amount of money you bet. Next, it is the C.P.U.'s turn. You can raise the C.P.U.'s bet if you want. I designed the game so the C.P.U. can not fold because I figured it would be annoying to be playing and then the C.P.U. just drops out. After the C.P.U.'s turn, it goes back to your turn. This cycle continues until you either: Run out of money, fold, or the C.P.U. runs out of money. This took me a really long time to make so I hope you enjoy!

shayray800 (1)

What does that mean? I am really sorry if I made this confusing. Please be more clear so I can fix my [email protected]

shayray800 (1)

How? I worked really hard on [email protected]

maxina (46)

When I roll a 4, it rolls a 1, and vice versa. @shayray800

shayray800 (1)

That's because this is a betting game. The first time you are guessing what number you think you are going to roll. This makes it so if you guess correctly you get the money, if not you lose the money. Sorry for the confusion. Also the 4 to 1 and the 1 to 4 is just a coincidence. It is random.