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Delete file demo!
NotMrMan (104)

I've been working on a project (top secret) and i decided to allow the user to delete files. Obviously, important files can not be deleted, so it deletes files in the files/ directory. I have a few premade files in the directory.

If you want to test it, you will have to fork it.


um... So, good idea, but make sure that they can't run it on this repl, because then they could delete the file with all of your code.

NotMrMan (104)

@AIDANGREEN6 I know, that's why I separated it from my main project.
I am working on a bigger project and it's only going to be included with a local download.


@NotMrMan Ok, that makes more sense. I had thought that you were going to make a repl that ran on the main site.