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CoolCoderSJ (616)

With Digital Life, nearly all of your data is on the cloud. However, the cloud is just a bunch of data servers sitting in a building. Do you want to trust someone else with your data? What if you got locked out of your account, hacked, or accidentally deleted your data? You have nothing left.

Introducing DataPak
DataPak is a service that allows you to backup all of your cloud data locally.

Supported Services

If you have an idea for a service that isn't listed here, mention it down below.

  • Replit
  • Github
  • Discord
  • Spotify

How to use

To use DataPak, first, click a service and log in. I am aware that it asks for sensitive scopes. If you do not trust DataPak, do not authorize it. DataPak source code is open source, so you can most certainly take a look. After you authorize DataPak to access your account, click that service again. A page comes up, showing what will be included in your archive and a link to generate your archive.

Have fun!

CoolCoderSJ (616)

@ch1ck3n Right but thatss not my problem, that's a Replit issue. See, I download your reply directly from replit, and downloading has always been broken on replit. Downloading manually has never worked either, so its not a surprise that downloading programmatically doesn't make a difference.

RayhanADev (2524)

@CoolCoderSJ it works fine, its just you can't programmatically download repls anymore it puts wayyyyy to much strain on their server and after my funny business and yours they put authentication on it.

RayhanADev (2524)

@CoolCoderSJ you could do it by authenticating your requests (see ReplRunSH) but I really don't want to murder Replit servers.

octopyBot (265)

@ch1ck3n lmao chicken's his file path name

elburg (41)

@ch1ck3n You use 7zip too? Cool!

MarcusWeinberger (785)

This is extremely cool and very useful! I, for one, will be using this regularly

sojs (341)

Wow... this is genius... literally grabs every single on of your files so you always have a copy! Now all I need is a USB drive!

ParrotDev (21)

Wow, this is really cool! How do you get all of the data?

CoolCoderSJ (616)

@ParrotDev A month ago, I started to really get into the world of OAuth 2.0, where you can authorize users with scopes to access data. After that, I searched for a lot of popular applications that use OAuth and integrated them. Replit isn't an OAuth, but what the hey :)

ParrotDev (21)

@CoolCoderSJ Huh. That's interesting. So did you like create an application with them and created OAuth scopes? Wow, that is amazing!

RayhanADev (2524)

@CoolCoderSJ no more Repl Archives ;-; they made the .zip paths need authentication

ch1ck3n (2077)

So... what do i do?
I authed with replit and clicked on the badge.

So if I click on the button I download all of my repls???

CoolCoderSJ (616)

@ch1ck3n If you click on that button, it downloads everything that's listed there

CoolCoderSJ (616)

@Bookie0 i have to figure out a few things with discord but
your token expired, go to discord settings > authorized apps > revoke access for datapak and try again

Bunnytoes (157)

I really like this! Great job