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51LV3RC0D3R (22)

Welcome to DREAM POINT

You received this message a few days ago:
Excuse me, adventurer. I'm in need of your assistance.

My husband has fallen ill, he won't wake up no matter what I do. I believe we need to make him drink tea brewed from silverleaf, but they only grow higher up the mountain and I cannot leave my husband's side. Please, hero, gather a handful of silverleaf as quick as you can.

I cannot thank you enough for your help,
I'll make sure to reward you greatly once you return.

It's your choice whether or not to go. If you go, you will face many perils but, you will get a reward when you return.

How to Play:

You get problems(perils), the CPU gives you answers, you can type your answer in the "chat" function.

This game is heavily inspired by Rise Kronos Rise created by @VulcanWM, the slow print was taken from her code, and so was highlighting and other cool fonts. Thank you @VulcanWM!

Again, I hope you like it,


VulcanWM (2770)

Also my pronouns are she/her

VulcanWM (2770)

The fact that I made Rise Kronos Rise so many months ago and it’s still remembered.
Nice game!

VulcanWM (2770)

also how did i get eaten by the bears and then find the silverleaf? @DudeHexafandra

51LV3RC0D3R (22)

@VulcanWM oof xD, i forgot to write