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programmeruser (595)


DPLA is a programming language that I implemented and @Daniel4Scratch created.
Github Repo


You can use the attached repl as a playground, or you can import it:

import { run, transpile } from '';
const jsCode = transpile('#& code to be transpiled');
run('#& code to be run');


You can view the documentation here.
A few changes I made:
1. No colons
I removed the colons since they have to actual meaning. The document has not been updated yet to reflect that change.
2. Listeners for keyboard events
To crate a listener for a keyboard event use:

Event[keypress_WhateverKey] (

For example, if you wanted to listen for presses on the Control key:

Event[keypress_Control] (
RayhanADev (2524)

Noice! I like how you did this in pure JS, without Node! Also I literally just published my esolang just now, and I saw this and thought what a coincidence

programmeruser (595)

@RayhanADev thanks. Also, Node.js can be pure js (if you don't use packages from npm).

RayhanADev (2524)

@programmeruser yep! But if you want to be sure go ahead and use this Repl instead of NodeJS (secret Repl’s go brrrrrrr!)

programmeruser (595)

@RayhanADev the only problem is that you can't create a new file in those repls.

Daniel4Scratch (0)

Thanks sooooooooooo much programeruser for doing all the code :')