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sweetmango88 (16)

you are the newest pilot of the spaceship, your job isn't going to be easy though. Dodge the asteroids to save your fellow astronauts. Luck is by your side though , it will take 20 asteroids to break and destroy your spaceship. You also have a bar at the bottom of the screen, telling you how far you have went. Now buckle up, because the ride has just begun...

sweetmango88 (16)

@cuber1515 try to finish the game without touching a single asteroid

cuber1515 (56)

@sweetmango88 we have a slight issue, I've been trying forever to go without touching single asteroid but...I can't.

sweetmango88 (16)

@cuber1515 haha lol I have been trying too and I can't either..

Bunnytoes (117)

you may have accidently posted this twice but reposting isn't allowed so I suggest you remove the second one