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😲 Cursor Wars! An epic battle game I spent way too much time on 😲
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Update: New game brings you directly to the game instead of you having to click continue

This is the greatest game I have made to date. It is a battle game based on cursors! Finally, it is done and open for you to enjoy. Here is the backstory:

The republic of Cursorland has been in a civil war for 3.141592 years. The Evil Cursors have taken over two of the three provinces of Cursorland (Meow Province and Lol Province), and have infiltrated Upvote Province, the last Republic stronghold. The good news: The Evil cursors are at the weakest they have ever been, so now is the time to strike and liberate the country. The bad news: You are the only cursor left in your army.

Republic of Cursorland flag:
Flag 1

Evil Cursors flag:
Flag 2

Game instructions and other notes/tips:

  • Click on New Game
  • The map is where you can see the map of cursorland
  • Hint: the map will change once you beat levels 2 and 3.
  • You can buy items in the shop and moolah is the game currency
  • You can click the back button to see what you have
  • When you battle, click on the red cursors to attack, but don't hover too long on them as they will attack and damage your cursor
  • Defecting evil cursors gives you moolah
  • Drink healing potions to heal, if that is not obvious already
  • Damage-reducing armor is expensive but it never breaks
  • The levels get progressively harder (of course)
  • On your first try at the game, I highly recommend that you do not try to mess with the game by doing the following: Inspecting, messing with the URL, opening the game in multiple tabs (The exception is if one tab is just on the beginning screen), etc (You can mess with it all you want after you play through the game once)
  • Do not close or reload the tab if you are in a battle because then the evil cursors will respawn
  • If you find a bug or have any other feedback, please post it in the comments
  • If for some reason you want to mod the game, I will be happy to help you
  • If you really want to clear everything: enter localStorage.clear() in the console
  • If you don't interact with the document during the battle, sounds won't play (don't blame me it is a browser feature)
  • Sorry that the Evil Cursors don't move, but I really am short on time
  • Bookmark the game if you like it


P.S. Anyone who can do CSS without constantly looking stuff up is a genius.

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