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CrunchyRoll Module
ilovespongebob (2)

This is a CrunchyRoll module for the app KETSU. KETSU is an app from the AppStore and it's used to get data from the website Crunchyroll. I made this module because there's a lack of modules in the app since it's new, so I decided to create one of my own. You can use this code by copying and pasting it into the app. You can go on the top right corner and press on Import. Once you have done that you can click Done and now you can watch anime. I'm still testing it and there might be a few problems, but it works fine now. Enjoy!

DynamicSquid (4937)

Hello, we've unlisted this post as it does not have a proper description.

Tell us a little more about your repl, why you made it, how to use it, etc. You can view the General Guidelines for more information.

If you update your description to reflect your project, then we'd be happy to review and relist this post for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

ilovespongebob (2)

@DynamicSquid How long does it have to be?

DynamicSquid (4937)

@ilovespongebob Just a couple sentences, nothing too much. This is an interesting project btw :)

ilovespongebob (2)

@DynamicSquid Ok and thank you. Is the description good now?

DynamicSquid (4937)

@ilovespongebob Oh yeah it's awesome! Sorry for the late reply :)