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🐔 Crossy Road in ThreeJS 🚙🎮
RayhanADev (2521)

It's Crossy Road!

I was cleaning up my computer when I found this old thing. The beautiful treasures you can find in my /VSCodeProjects folder xD.

Anyways, the name says it all this is a project I made a while back when learning ThreeJS for my Digital Graphics and Animation class. It is a mildly scuffed Crossy Road clone with pretty amazing graphics.

Play it Fullscreen:

Leave me any feedback, but be aware I might be working on other things so it won't roll out fast :)

IOP3 (854)

me after playing this. 🤯 You are so godly at making games. I can't even make a thing move.



Probably add some coins in the game and if you reach a certain amount, you can buy a new skin. :D

RayhanADev (2521)

@IcynHackz maybe xD I didn't think this would be so popular you know. It was busy work to get us interested in 3js

IOP3 (854)

wow @RayhanADev. You replied so fast XD.
this is unrelated. Where did you learn the skills to build these type of games? Like the shooter game you made for the jam, this game, the bubble one, pumpkin game, etc.

RayhanADev (2521)

@IcynHackz well I'm in my school's computer science class
it's fun but no one mentioned the rigor of the class itself! We learn sooo much in so little time and have to apply them really fast.
I also happen to be one of the "star students" (I'm not a teacher's pet I swear! xD) so my teacher keeps doling me EVEN more to do, so that's how I end up like this.
I took the class because I wanted to make game graphics :P

IOP3 (854)

well ur lucky @RayhanADev. I read w3schools and learned python myself. But I just don't get js. Well...I kinda get it, but I don't get how to make a game out of js.

Also I did have a python teacher, but that class ended in 1 month and each week I had only one class so I didn't learn much from it. I never had a js teacher. D:

Edit: So know I'm attempting to do js by trying random stuff while reading w3schools's javascript tutorial.

RayhanADev (2521)

@IcynHackz :O
well that's a rip!
tbh I've heard that a lot of people find learning JS harder after learning Python, but learning Python is easier after learning JS. If you put in lots of effort and really want to learn JS, you'll get it for sure tho :D!

IOP3 (854)

thanks for all the encouragement @RayhanADev! I'll try! :D

WilliamXing (51)

My CS sucks. We learned super little python. Since the beginning of the year, we have learned(in Python), print statement, variables, conditions. So [email protected]

ryanbrwr (33)

I got to 25 only lol :)

Th3Coder (129)

@RayhanADev okay, I'll head to Hogwarts when the, you know, is over!


Stupid Traffic


The road is a cruel place for a jumping block children

IGamer123 (76)

Pog Best Code I have seen this month! 👍🏼 🙌🏼

Whippingdot (657)

WOAH the eternal ABYS

RayhanADev (2521)

@Whippingdot oh shiz what happen there??????

Whippingdot (657)

no it loads when you go closer lul @RayhanADev

noway15 (97)

My high score so far

yeah, it's not the best, but it'll do


a car hit me not directly and i think the game dosent know what to do

maxina (61)

Awesome! How long have you been coding? The game looks amazing!

RayhanADev (2521)

@maxina thank you! I've known how to write code since I was 7-ish (Khan Academy lol!) but I only started really getting into coding last year when I started CS.

ch1ck3n (2065)

This is the best remake remaked from crossy road

PurpleSus1002 (14)

Suggestion: Maybe Allow Player To Use Arrow Keys? @RayhanADev

RayhanADev (2521)

@PurpleSus1002 yeah good idea... I'll try :D

tussiez (1668)

Awesome job! However, it is incredibly slow. Are you using the same geometry for all the trees/background objects? You might want to improve performance by combining static objects into one big one - see documentation

RayhanADev (2521)

@tussiez hmm, i'll look into it :D
but it does seem to run fine on my ipad :/

tussiez (1668)

@RayhanADev Hmmm, I am actually surprised at how powerful Apple's mobile devices are, even running (my laggy) SortaCraft better than my desktop!

RayhanADev (2521)

@tussiez right? soooo weird!
and ooh, i'll get started reading that after the final bug watch on my jam submission ;D

tussiez (1668)

@RayhanADev Yeah, I think it's because Apple's mobile chips are insanely efficient.

G0RG3 (64)

108 is my high score!

RayhanADev (2521)

@YashasShah owo nice! Definitely one of the best so far :D


add the duck skin, also i got 173 for my socre

Rishan001 (43)

It’s legit, but it’s hard to play on iPad

RayhanADev (2521)

@Rishan001 yay, and aww really? I added buttons in the bottom left for mobile

chillcafe (3)


RayhanADev (2521)

@chillcafe ThreeJS, it makes 3d objects so I can make it look like actual crossy road!

Whippingdot (657)

Don't lie Rayhan, you gud but not this gud. Actually, did you copy this off of something? This is too dope to be true.

EDIT: Sorry if you didn't understand but THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A COMPLIMENT

CoderBroDev (5)

@Whippingdot It is a great project and by the way, have you seen your own cringey work. Compared to that, this is way better. Commendable performance @RayhanADev

Whippingdot (657)

bruh y u dissing me. i didn't say anything mean. That was meant to be a compliment. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Don't you understand anything? @CoderBroDev

RayhanADev (2521)

@Whippingdot @CoderBroDev relax and thank you both xD
@Whippingdot I actually have used ThreeJS before scroll to my older (very old xD) posts like the Earth and stuff :P

RayhanADev (2521)

@Whippingdot no we just had to learn it for school :P

Whippingdot (657)

in my school they teach me HTML xD @RayhanADev

EDIT: + i already know html so i flex by giving links to the websites I made lul