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See how much your friends talk in a room, add custom emoji, and even venture into the Gopherspace from the comfort of your server. Croissant has an assortment of other interesting and useful commands.
c!gopher in action. See below for GIF demos.


Items marked with a [B] are original or modified Boopie commands.

🤘 Meta

  • [B] help - Helps you
  • stats - Bot stats

ℹ️ Information

  • user - User information, replaces [B] avatar
  • guild - Guild information
  • verbosity - See who has been participating in the channel lately

🎉 Fun

  • [B] 8ball - Answers yes/no questions
  • cowsay - A cow says whatever you want it to
  • figlet - Make ascii art using figlet fonts
  • swipe - Now you see it, now you don't.
  • engrish - Google Translate parties from the comfort of Discord.

🗺️ External

  • neo - Get stats for neocities users
  • yt - Search youtube
  • gopher - Access resources from gopherspace

📛 Selfroles

  • role - Selfroles (any role in the guild that starts with + is a selfrole and can be obtained by any user)

🛠️ Management

  • purge - Delete up to 100 messages in one fell swoop, requires the Manage Messages permission
  • emote - Add custom emoji with either an upload, URL, or one from, requires the Manage Emoji permission

Adding to your server

👉 👉 👉 here

GIF Demos