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'Craps' Dice Game (Python)
ejk01 (6)

This is my attempt at remaking the popular dice game known as Craps, coded in Python, possibly with false rules (I don't gamble).

TacitusSornsuwa (0)

yaeh defintely broken

Brandaboss (89)

I love this! I don't gamble either, and I kept betting 100 XD. Don't know if this is the rules or not, but it's fun.

ejk01 (6)

@brandaboss: Your bet is up to you; in the real game, the winner chooses his bet and plays first until he loses.

ejk01 (6)

I added a 0.5 second delay after each roll for readability. Enjoy!

haltosan (5)

Love it. Could you add an else so you don't get an error for entering an invalid #?

ejk01 (6)

@haltosan: Admittedly, that took far too long and should've been fixed in the first place, but yes, it is done.