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Cowboy Adventures V 1.1.5

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This was an individual, text based and RNG based project that I spent way too much time on. You are a cowboy and just need money. You can get money by killing other cowboys and selling things. Dangerousness is just cowboy terms for level. You see this word a lot in the game, so I thought it was important to bring up. Let me know if there are any bugs, I will definitely fix them. I recommend you run this in another tab.


Version 1.0.0: Game is released.
Version 1.0.1: Damage reduction is added.
Version 1.0.2: Increased chance of leveling up after winning a fight.
Version 1.0.3: Chances of finding random items while traveling.
Version 1.0.4: Minor bugs throughout the program are fixed.
Version 1.0.5: Second chance is added.
Version 1.0.6: Bugs with the damage reduction are fixed.
Version 1.0.7: Bugs with the HP reduction when leveling down are fixed.
Version 1.0.7: At certain junctures, text is deleted to neaten up the console.
Version 1.0.9: Bugs with Trader Johnny's are fixed.
Version 1.1.0: Bugs using the replit.clear() function are fixed.
Version 1.1.1: The long (time.sleep(float secs)) delay is replaced with an input ("enter 1 to continue") so the player can take as much time as they want.
Version 1.1.2: The same thing was adapted as the last update, but with the inventory being erased.
Version 1.1.3: The colorama feature was added to make things look better.
Version 1.1.4: Unfair trades with Trader Johnny are changed.
Version 1.1.5 (current version): More minor bugs are fixed.

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sweet project! you should make an engine for every one to use!