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Covid-19 Simulator
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Covid Simulator

We are all living in the times of a pandemic...

(Or if you're reading this after COVID, it's good that it ended!)

And sometimes we must handle stress in order to not break down under the many difficulties of the virus, such as...

  • Masks!
  • Social Distancing!
  • Quarantine!
  • Curfew!
  • And many more.

So, to understand that we are not doomed I created a Covid simulator, which lets you see COVID from the beginning, and feel a town of (initially) 1000 people develop herd immunity.

Please know that this is not 100% accurate and might look strange in the beginning.

Just understand that the grey dots are completely unaffected, the red ones are infected, and the green ones have successfully recovered.

Created with ct.js

If there is anything that you think I should add/delete/update, please comment it.

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