Pi with the Chudnovsky Algorithm!!
DuckMonkey (6)

Chudnovsky Algorithm (now with percentage correct meter and explanation in comments for DynamicSquid)

So, if you've seen my last few projects, you know what this is. This program calculates digits of pi using the Chudnovsky Algorithm. I found this specific Algorithm while searching for the specific method Google used to find 31 Trillion digits of Pi. What's so special about this algorithm is not only that it's several times more accurate than other algorithms, but the iterations in this algorithm are synonymous with the digit printed! This means that this specific calculator can calculate n digits of pi. This script may as well not generate 31 trillion digits, not only because I don't trust my own scripts, but because I doubt any of you have a powerful enough computer lmao (nor do I). Thanks for looking at my script!!

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CodeMaster007 (109)

Cool! How do you get the program to run?

DuckMonkey (6)

@CodeMaster007 thank you! It just took a little bit of trial and error lol. I usually try to complete them "no-module" but ended up having to use decimal for this one