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Conversation Simulator V1.0
Eyseedoubleyou (25)

A simple conversation simulator. Version 1. It has taken some time to code. Note me on errors please!

IsaakKim (3)

A great sim! I spent a while talking to it and i felt like it was my best friend i never had! cant wait for the next update! (^_^)

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

@IsaakKim Glad you liked it ^^
I'm busy at the moment, hopefully can get on with the update soon

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

@DJWang thank you! I will try to create more advanced codes based on this. :)

PowerCoder (733)

Cool. Although I think you should add color to the text using Termcolor.

 from termcolor import cprint

Then you can style text with this type of format:

 cprint('TEXT', 'COLOR')

For example:

 cprint('Hello world', 'green')
DJWang (1343)

Very impressive! Try working on some of the grammar and spelling, but otherwise it's GREAT!

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

The apostrophes i used asterisk instead because I used apostrophes/quotation marks as the print things

DJWang (1343)

@Eyseedoubleyou print('AAnyway, I am a code which is meant to simulate a conversation, not a repetitive friend. So, goodbye! I*ll miss you.') Should be:

print("Anyway, I am a code which is meant to simulate a conversation, not a repetitive friend. So, goodbye! I'll miss you.")

HenryShearer (2)

Great logo! Love Zelda games. Also, cool bot!

mkhoi (318)

Cool! This bot talks a lot

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

Thanks @mkhoi
Yeah I tried to get it like that it took time


One sort of grammar error is when the program uses *s instead of ‘s. @Eyseedoubleyou

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

Yes I use that because for some weird reason I used quotation marks instead of speech marks. I’m glad you’ve spotted it though!

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

Have a good day and weekend :D

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

Thank you

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

Yes I know it’s tomorrow I meant have good Friday and weekend @MATTHEWBECHTEL

XavierDD (90)

@Eyseedoubleyou use \' for single quotes.

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

Okay, thanks.
Can i ask which line are you referring to

XavierDD (90)

@Eyseedoubleyou it should work for all strings.
"text ... isn\'t"

ebest (663)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 267, in <module>
print('Hey %' % name)
ValueError: incomplete format

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

Thanks for that :)

I’m pretty sure it used to work. I’ll check it ASAP.

Thanks :)

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

To me it still works, but I think I should’ve done it a different way as I’m using an number version thing.

anaconda314 (0)

@ebest I'm having the same problem.

ebest (663)

a now subject has been found to talk about?