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Contochat. Python Edition
candies (430)

This version doesnt have the same amount of features the official version does. but hey, no errors!

What does this include?

This is a multi user chat that allows up to 200 people! this doesnt have usernames. so you chat secretly!

Contochat Python Edition | Alpha 1.0.0, Charm © 2021

robowolf (549)

@TempleOfCode K? Could we just discuss your problem here?

robowolf (549)

@TempleOfCode Cool what exactly do you need help with?

candies (430)

@robowolf repl wont allow me to save my repl

robowolf (549)

@TempleOfCode Replit autosaves your repls.

robowolf (549)

@TempleOfCode What do you mean? Repl autosaves. If a repl, after editing and refreshing, doesn't save it's a bug or your connection errored. Try creating a new repl or reporting the bug by clicking the Get Help button on the side bar.