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Compete in Space Invaders (incl HIghscore)
Calamari1 (95)

Some people said, I should repost this game here since it matches the Theme. So I do, this time it also has a highscore of the top 10 players, so try to defend your space and get into the hall of fame.

Play it here:

haya (9)

And I gave my vote twice cause I'm a big fan of this game. these is a picture of me playing this game on Twitter and video on Instagram

TimmyChen1 (126)

I can tell whenever @Haya is playing this awesome game at HQ because I can hear her pressing the spacebar furiously ;)

amasad (3339)

Oh wow I'm the highest score :D
@Calamari1 I think the name input doesn't always work and it'd be great if there is a way to view the leaderboard without going through the game

haya (9)

@user23802991: I had an issue with entering my name, it never worked for me.

Calamari1 (95)

hmm, strange, it worked for me :) But I didn't to thorough testing though..
But I just figured that the highscore was reset, I guess the container was reset and the sqlite db file was reset :-(

@user23802991 what was your highest score?

amasad (3339)

@calamari1: I forget but somewhere in the early hundreds.

The container should persist the file state. this must be a bug cc @mason-clayton-1

Check out my API here might be easier to use

DimitriLJ (0)

Thanks for making this awesome game!

haya (9)

hahahah totally, popular picture on Twitter by @amjad-masad
Can we add a scoreboard to your game? we're is building a leaderboard API, do you want to try it? I can get you into the beta

Calamari1 (95)

@haya: Really nice pic.

I guess a leaderboard API sounds better then my apporach to put a sqlite file into a file. :) I would try the beta if I can get a key.

amasad (3339)

Feature request: mobile friendly!

hayaodeh (196)

@brandaboss: nice, I'll try to compete with you. later today.

hayaodeh (196)

mobile friendly can make your game go viral! I think this is a great idea.

DimitriLJ (0)

i got a hi score. I am dimitri Ljepic

Caleb_Bradley (2)

maybe make them shoot a bit slower but besides that its a great game!

MarkEgan (1)

Yo guys, It's Markabamos. I was only trying for good scores to test the later levels. Overall, great design. It does get progressively difficult. I think the TOP-RED invader can exploit you major points. Also, the amount of bullets could be very hectic at times. Nonetheless, great game.

ABulman (9)

hey could you guys at tell me how i can improve it would be most kind

icegod (0)

Good graphic effects
Not too complex code (although here this is one of the better games)
Leaderboard (again, not complex but still these games are trash)

All in all: I would say this should get either #2 or #3 on (by my standards though #10 -ish)

MarkEgan (1)

SWEPT the top 10 ezpz