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CoinAGES | 100% ethical and legal company management game
LehuyH (77)


By: Raghav & Lehuy

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How to play

CoinAGES is an incremental game where you build a coin-flipping company from the ground up!

This game took us about a month to plan out schematics, create art, and code.
No libraries were used when making the primary gameplay!
This is our first game jam as well!


With the explosion of the coin-flipping industry, many companies have rushed to enter and control the young market.
You, have recently become the CEO of one of these companies, CoinAGES.
CoinAGES is the company that developed a pay-per-flip platform that allows you to get a truly random coin flip from anywhere in the world over the internet.
You entered CoinAGES during its fragile early stages. It is your job to turn your company into an industry leader worldwide. Partner with (or plot against) other companies, market your services, and dominate over the coin-flipping industry!


There are many different elements we have built for this game! This includes,

  • 7 different stages/technology levels
  • 14 unique automatic coin flippers
  • 2 random events
  • 10 different marketing campaigns
  • 6 rival companies
  • A shop with over 25 different items/upgrades
  • Autosaving
  • Keeps making money even if tab is closed

How To Play

There is a tutorial in game that teaches you the basics of the game, but if you need more help use this guide.


Technology Stages
Getting money
Getting Customers
Manual Coin Flipping
Automatic Coin Flipping
Research and Development
Marketing Campaigns
Industry Analysis
OMG. Why am I losing $$$???


Stages throughout the game are based on values of actual coins. Think of them as levels. Stages change the value of your manual flip value. Stage 1 is 1 cent, Stage 2 is 5 cents, and so on (25, 50, 100, mystery stage??). With every new stage, comes a type of auto-flipper, marketing campaign, shop item, etc.

Note to judges

This game takes a while to complete. I recommended that you play through the entire game to view all the content. Since this is an idle game, you could leave this running in the background as you judge others and come back to it later :p
Thanks :D

Please enjoy and we would love feedback and suggestions.

Comment here or DM us on discord!

liltaco (204)

The best looking idle game I've ever seen. gg wp.

ebest (646)

SicroMoft was founded by Gill Bates on May 7 in 9144. It's second place in the coin-flipping industry right now, with only Zamazon (founded on April 9th 9175 by Beff Jezos) surpassing it.

BEST IDLE EVER! l1 0ikes for you!



raghavm (94)

@ebest *Jeph Besoz lol . and THX!

ebest (646)

@mrcool4000 gust lice a loaed of othere things can bee spelled wrong.

LehuyH (77)

@ebest no onen ins jdudigning you for ooyour splleings lol

ebest (646)

@LehuyH justs likes SicroMoft...

MatthewDoan1 (333)

@ebest You forgot PayBud, which was founded by Lax Mevchin, Teter Phiel, Nuke Losek, and Hen Kowery in 9199.

Snowflake (50)

This is a great game!

raghavm (94)

@Snowflake Thanks! How far did you get?

AndreMauro (2)

Well done! The game has a nice modern website aesthetic.

RaghavMisra (5)

@AndreMauro Thats what we were going for. Thanks for playing!

KevinPettibone (1)

It's so hard to believe they are kids.

liltaco (204)

I know this is a bit nit-picky, but since I have almost no complaints, the animation to go to the back menu moves the text because you change the width, not the scale. This is both bad for performance and seems weird if you focus on it. I would move to transform: scales

raghavm (94)

@liltaco Ha almost no complaints. JK. Thanks for the feedback! I'll check that out later. How far did you get?

LehuyH (77)

@liltaco Thanks, I have made it so that when the user stops hovering, the text will disappear before the button goes away.

liltaco (204)

I got to the supercomputers, not too far really, because I had to work on my game too xD. @mrcool4000

raghavm (94)

@liltaco Cool! Your progress saves after you leave. So keep playing! Lol

RaghavMisra (5)

@gargol12 Thanks! Any room for improvement? (LOL)

Snoop_Frog (4)

Cool idle game!
Only problem is no dogecoin.

LehuyH (77)

@Snoop_Frog oh noes u right gotta add the dogecoin skin now

RaghavMisra (5)

@Snoop_Frog yeetus omg yesssssss dogecoin

CatLoverCode (2)


raghavm (94)

@CatLoverCode Glad ya like it! Any feedback you have for us? (Be honest pls)

Wilke000 (631)

please fix bug

nikilS (3)

So hey there @raghavm and @LehuyH my progress is not saving in coinages can you please fix it. Thank you

raghavm (94)

@nikilS Okay, thanks for telling us! I'll look into in a bit when I'm done with homework lol.

avibeskrowni (71)

Awesome game! When you come back to the website, hoverflip doesn't work. that's my only complaint.

Nanowrimoijk (63)

really cool, and addicting, kind of.

raghavm (94)

@Nanowrimoijk Thanks! Any suggestions? Also, how far did you get?

Nanowrimoijk (63)

@mrcool4000 im still playing it but im working on getting quarters. So far, so good!

Nanowrimoijk (63)

there was one thing @mrcool4000 , after purchasing the hover flip, i closed the tab and went back in and it had gotten rid of it

raghavm (94)

@Nanowrimoijk Hmmm. Don't buy Hover-flip ig. Also it's a ripoff anyway lol

LehuyH (77)

@Nanowrimoijk HoverFlip is a special item because it does not change any of the objects that get saved, so when you restore it actually doesn't save those changes. This was an oversight on our end and we will patch it after this jam is complete!

AkhilGupta (16)

Nice game. Quite similar, yet different to what I submitted. Really nice art.
Just a suggestion, in the next iteration maybe you should display the current balance in a sticky header on all "pages" as often I have to leave the current page and go to either the "flip page" or the "R&D page" to check my balance, which is a bit annoying.

raghavm (94)

@AkhilGupta Glad you liked the game! @LehuyH and I will probably work on it some more after the competition. I do see what you mean. Also, how far did you get?

AkhilGupta (16)

@mrcool4000 Great, wish you guys good luck!
I don't have the patience for idle/clicker games, so I cheated my way through to pace up things, so don't think it should really matter!


@AkhilGupta Yea lol. Your excuse checks out, same here. I've only gone through it twice xD.

NimeshMisra (1)

Loved this game. Keep it up guys.

Steven_The_GuyT (371)

Dang, I sort of completed the game. It told me to restart, but with a 1000 bonus. Couldn't you make it so that it doesn't end?

LehuyH (77)

@Steven_The_GuyT We were originally going to make it that way, but after you buy everything in the last stage... there isn't really a goal to work towards anymore.

Steven_The_GuyT (371)

@LehuyH Oh, I was sad when it told me to restart. I wanted to play more of your awesome game, but then i couldn't. Could you maybe still update this game once in a while?

LehuyH (77)

@Steven_The_GuyT The code for the game will be available on github soon. We will most likely continue developing the game (not as often though) and host it on GitHub pages :D

raghavm (94)

@Steven_The_GuyT Thanks for upvoting! Glad ya liked it!

raghavm (94)

@LehuyH *netlify = better by 100000009000000% lol

LehuyH (77)

@GeorgeIrvine_Fy Great job on taking over the world!

GeorgeIrvine_Fy (4)

@LehuyH I left it running over the space of 2 days

ItsYeBoiJ (9)

@LehuyH Legend has it he's still trying to calculate the amount of money he made...

LehuyH (77)

@ItsYeBoiJ $93435,$93436.... lost count time to start over ... $1,$2

ItsYeBoiJ (9)

@LehuyH Also what are the events?

LehuyH (77)

@ItsYeBoiJ You get the random events after getting the quarter upgrade. Some events are criminals hacking into your PayBud and other companies attacking you.

ItsYeBoiJ (9)

@LehuyH Oh ok, yea i get that stuff. Thanks!