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A chat for everyone that is built for everyone.

What is Super Chat?

Discord, but better because you log in with authentication and it actually works on mobile!

What does it depend on?, express, mustache, jquery +other random stuff I made that I use like repl-auth.js

How do I use it?

It's an easy way to make group DMs I guess. There is a public chat and you also can make unlimited private chats (no hacker plan needed lol). You can read the sort-of-instructions/make your own chat

*Have you ever wanted to chat with other people real-time while having a peace of mind with that none of your messages are tracked?*
**literally: If you look at the code, even I can't access the messages lol the only way to see other peoples' messages is if YOU have the link.**
Chatting revolutionized: Discord is to Super Chat as Google is to DuckDuckGo once you start using DuckDuckGo, you can't believe what inferior stuff you were using before and actually enjoying it!


Oh yeah. We have a welcomer bot, farewell bot, and Ryder: a general-purpose bot. Try typing in r/help to see what Ryder can do (I'm probably going to add more to him)


Proof everything is private:

Thanks for visiting my chat! Hope you enjoy it!

Please vote if you like the chat! I worked hard to make it extra secure and signing in too lol

Comment below with suggestions!

Or, be super savvy and post you suggestions at

There is an easter egg! Look in the code and visit that website!

Happy Chatting!

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